This is the Arabic name of our future masjid InShaAllah. We have chosen this name in order to derive from the blessings of the Noble name of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Alhamdulilah, we have recently just purchased the adjacent land of 7.25 acres for the new Masjid and Community Project. Our ambitious vision for this project not only includes the Masjid building with a dedicated floor for sisters but also classrooms, wudhu and office and recreational facilities, multi-purpose hall with a kitchen along with developing commercial spaces and apartments which will be rented out in order to generate income for the masjid thus making us independent from having to seek funds for our operational needs.

To see the timeline of our progress on the project and as an organization, please visit our Master Plan tab.

Our project will be built out in phases due to the amount of resources required for a project of this scale.

Please continue to pray for the success of our mission in establishing this House of Allah ﷻ which will InShaAllah serve as a beacon for Islam for generations to come.

We will continue to post updates and blueprints on the Master Plan tab regarding the progress of the masjid and project as we achieve our goals in order to keep our community and donors informed and engaged InShaAllah.

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