The Northside Islamic Center of San Antonio Inc. (NICSA) was founded in November 2019 by a group of concerned Muslims to address the growing needs of the Muslim community in the northern part of San Antonio, Texas. As of now, we are currently renting a small facility within a shopping complex where we are providing a number of services to our local community. Alhamdulilah, by the Grace of Allah SWT, we have purchased the adjacent property of 7.25 acres property where we are building our future Masjid along with other facilities by the Will of Allah SWT. Please check our master plan tab in order to get an overview of the entire project.


The Mission of NICSA is to provide the Muslim community with a fostering environment that promotes spiritual and devotional growth and to inspire true and meaningful worship with the correct application of religious knowledge in a way that not only helps current believers grow in faith and virtue but also to foster an environment that is conducive for the future generations.

The Vision of NICSA is to glorify God by, firstly, sharing the Love and Mercy of Allah SWT in deeds and words, secondly, to educate Muslims and Non-Muslims alike of the proper Islamic theology and methodology which serve as the bulwark against terrorism, extremism, and antipathy, and thirdly, to build communication and understanding with other faiths.

The Northside Islamic Center of San Antonio Inc. (NICSA) is a nonprofit organization registered in the state of Texas. NICSA holds a tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC § 501 (c) (3). NICSA is governed and directed by an Executive Board, a non-compensated counseling body. NICSA is a law-abiding organization and works closely with city, county and state agencies and authorities to ensure continuous compliance with laws and regulations of the United States (U.S).

The arbiter of conduct at NICSA is to overcome evil with good as outlined in the Holy Quran (Ch:13 V:11) and as the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said, “Love for people what you love for yourself and dislike for people what you dislike for yourself.”

Terrorism is not a religious identity, rather it is a horrific behavior often justified by misapplied religious dogma. NICSA, in accordance to its sole purpose and understanding of Islam, stands firm on the condemnation of all forms and acts of terrorism. The ill acts of a few misguided individuals shall not be viewed as the mainstream beliefs of Islam and Muslims. At NICSA, we believe that muslims must be vigilant in implementing programs and pursuing goals that build a proper understanding of Islam and subvert any terrorist activities anywhere while being careful to avoid any sort of racism, bigotry or discriminations of any sort. Thus, people of honesty and integrity from all faith traditions, especially the Abrahamic faiths, must stand united against all forms of prejudice, hatred, pernicious accusations and discrimination. The safety and security of the Muslim community is an indivisible part of the safety and security of the entire community and therefore, it is the right and responsibility of the whole community at large.

NICSA is not associated with any political, industrial, humanitarian, militant, or governmental entities, neither domestically nor internationally. NICSA systematically and categorically distances itself from any individuals, groups or organizations shall they be officially considered anti-American by the US government. NICSA does not endorse any political directions or views.

NICSA is open 7 days a week providing 3 daily congregational prayers (Fajr, Maghrib, and Isha), evening educational programs for children, adults and families. The Center through its staff also provides other community services such as counseling, assistance, advice, referral, marriage and funeral services as needed.

NICSA currently offers after-school (Maktab) classes which cover the subjects of basic Qur’an reading as well as Islamic studies for children in addition to a variety of youth programs and extracurricular activities for children and teenagers. We have a future dream and goal to build a full fledged K-12 Islamic School Insha Allah.

NICSA encourages involvement in outreach and interfaith activities. Islam, through the teachings of the Holy Quran in (Ch:5 V:48), encourages and provides the framework for cooperation especially among Abrahamic Faiths. Thus, NICSA is open for all religious-based schools and organizations to visit its sites and facilities and share friendly religious dialogue. NICSA also actively seeks to participate in local and international humanitarian causes. We firmly believe that God demands justice, mercy, love, and forgiveness from one and all and that these are essential values that people who share faith in God can and should work together to promote.

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